Carpet Rx Testimonials

The Rx in Carpet Rx is for Rotary Extraction - the most effective method of cleaning carpets. Our rotary power head has vacuum slots and spray jets that spin on the carpet at 200 rotations per minute. Please take a moment to read through our Boise carpet cleaning reviews by a few of our customers below.

  • Carpet Rx Established in 2008
  • Satisfied client's all over the North West
  • Boise's #1 rotary extraction carpet cleaner
  • Locally owned/operated, keep your money in Idaho!
  • Quality, integrity and trust
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured!
"I will never go back to people with the traditional wand type carpet cleaning systems. They are a joke when it comes to really being able to get down and extract the dirt. When Reid showed me how the RotoVac machine worked, it made sense. Reid takes the time to make sure your carpet looks as good as new. Reid, you are amazing - and a huge blessing to the entire Boise Valley..."
Ben R. Boise, Idaho
"Reid Coy, the owner of Carpet RX, came out to our house and by the time he left I had a totally different attitude about the cost. First of all, he showed up on time (appreciated) and he was a clean cut, friendly guy that I totally felt comfortable being in my house. Instead of just cleaning the pee spot and charging the hundred dollar minimum he totally went above and beyond."
Georgia G. Boise, Idaho
"Reid Coy, owner of Carpet Rx is hands down the summer time pokies best carpet cleaner I have ever hired. He was prompt, professional, and did a great job cleaning my carpet. His rotary system removed stains that previous carpet cleaners here in Boise could not get out. I was very impressed with my experience. Thank you for providing such a great service at such a great price. I would highly recommend Carpet Rx!"
Adam M. Boise, Idaho
"I called Reid at Carpet Rx as he was referred to me by a close personal friend. I was a little leary since the last carpet cleaner we hired did a awful job cleaning our carpets. I have 6 children and keeping up the the maintenance on our home is very important to me. Reid was able to get stains out that have been there for years. I am suprised these other carpet cleaners in Boise even stay in business. I definitely recommend carpet Rx for your carpet cleaning needs."
Sheila N. Boise, Idaho